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What is solar energy?

Solar energy technologies use sun’s radiation to produce electricity that in turn illuminates homes, runs appliances and charges batteries to run automobiles whereas solar heat produces hot water and heat homes.

In our solar system Sun has been radiating energy for billions of years and surely will continue to do so for many billions more. It is the most important source of sustenance for any big or minuscule life form on Earth.

How is power generated from the sun?

Modern day renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal or wave energy are the more or less direct or induced kinetic energy conversion of the sun’s incident energy into electricity. There are two primary methods of converting direct incident solar energy into electricity. The first method is termed as CSP, or concentrated solar power, which involves concentrating the sun’s heat to produce steam. This steam is used to drive steam turbines. CSP is primarily used in large utility-scale solar power plants that can power entire cities.

Will solar energy save me money?

Yes! Solar energy is also becoming more affordable with decreasing costs of generating electricity with increasing efficiency.

Are solar panels well made?

Solar Photovoltaic modules are passive semi-conductor devices with no moving parts. Historically the primary failure mode for solar modules was from moisture ingress, UV damage or delamination. Manufacturing techniques and materials used in solar photovoltaic modules have dramatically improved over the last 40 years and have now been largely standardized. This manufacturing standardization has resulted in unprecedented long-term reliable performance, whereby almost all module manufacturers are able to provide 20-year performance guarantees.

Can I keep track of my solar energy production and usage?

Solar Photovoltaic modules produce a Direct Current, or DC, whereas your home runs mostly on 110 volts Alternating Current or AC. The primary purpose of Inverters installed as a part of your solar system is to convert the DC generated by the solar panels into AC power. In addition inverters provide a number of other important functions. These include maximum power point tracking, or MPPT, which maximizes the energy, delivered to your home from the solar array.

It also provides information on the performance of your system. Another important function of your inverter is to disconnect it from the grid in case of emergencies such as a power loss of the grid, so power is not fed into the grid for the safety of line workers who may be working to correct a fault.

Sundam Energy provides a comprehensive in-house monitoring system for all its customers to provide them with real-time visibility of the performance of their solar system, their net energy position with the utility, their power consumption. The system has a data recording system enabling charting and trend analysis for sophisticated users. The goal is to empower the customer so they can realize the maximize financial benefit of their solar system.

What are the environmental benefits?

Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy. Unlike non-renewable fossil fuels, the sun’s power is plentiful and reliable.

What happens during a power grid breakdown?

With solar panels you’ll have peace of mind in the event of a power grid breakdown.

What's the future for solar energy?

Tremendous amount of efforts and money is being spent research and development to effect new advancements in solar energy science. Solar energy is destined to become the major source of renewable energy in relatively short time because of its massive potential and long-term advantages.

Solar energy is destined to become the major source of renewable energy because of its massive potential and long-term advantages.

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