Sundam Energy brings the power of the sun to homes and businesses.

The prevailing trend in the residential rooftop business is to overcharge for solar systems and then try to convince customers that they should be happy with a 9-year payback. Systems are deliberately undersized to minimize “sticker shock” leaving customers vulnerable to utility power consumption charges as the marginally designed solar system begins to degrade over time or as power consumption increases.

Sundam Energy’s custom-designed, long-term performance optimized rooftop solar generation systems are developed using disruptive cost structures that provide customers with a less than three-year payback on net investment.

For home-owners, a residential rooftop system increases the value of the home, so it is like investing in an annuity that provides a >30% annual return on investment for 20 years with preservation of the principal amount invested. Sundam Energy encourages customers to oversize their residential solar systems to the maximum permissible value, maximizing the tax and any available rebate benefits. An undersized system will eventually degrade leaving customer vulnerable to future predatory pricing by the utilities.

Sundam Energy guarantees that residential rooftop solar power generation systems will provide customers a great return on their investment.

Trust the team that pioneered the most groundbreaking solar technologies.

Sundam draws heritage from one of the most experienced global solar technology teams that pioneered groundbreaking solar technologies and built the worlds largest, most sophisticated solar power plants.

Trust the team that made solar energy affordable.

The Sundam team has helped make solar viable without subsidies, throughout the world, including emerging and frontier markets. We are bringing that knowledge to the United States.

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