Project Size: 7.5 MW

Project Technology: CSP

Project Location: Lancaster, California

Project Status: Commissioned in August 2009 Project Lead: Asif Ansari

Project Description: Multi-tower, Direct Super-Heated Steam Generating Solar Thermal Power Plant

The eSolar Sierra power plant was just a concept in mid-2007 and came online in August 2009, an extraordinarily accelerated schedule. Upon completion eSolar Sierra Generating Facility was considered to be the most technologically advanced CSP power plant in the world. Mr. Asif Ansari (Founder and CEO of eSolar), was the main innovator of this ground-breaking design which is covered by over 40 international patents. This advanced solar thermal architecture achieved several breakthroughs in solar technologies and achieved many industry firsts.

• It was the first plant to deliver the high temperature direct super-heated steam in commercial power tower architecture with direct solar to steam generation.

World’s first demonstration of an assembly line produced, fully-assembled cavity-style direct super­heated steam generator with integrated economizer, evaporator and super heat stages.

• Its small-aperture heliostat field achieved the highest recorded tracking accuracy of less than 0.25 milli­radians.

• It was the first commercial demonstration of steam aggregation from multiple towers.