Project Size: 10 MW

Project Technology: Polycrystalline PV Project Location: Gardette, Guinea Bissau Project Status: Commissioned 2016 Project Lead: Fazal Chaudhry

Project Description: Fixed Tilt Solar PV.

The Helios Solar PV project is the largest utility scale solar PV project in Guinea Bissau, located in Gardette feeding the capital city of Bissua, Guinea Bissau in West Africa. The project has been developed, designed, financed and built by Sundam Energy’s sister company, Kinetic Renewable Energy Services, under the leadership of Mr. Asif Ansari. A second 10 MW solar PV project located 60 miles to the west in the city of Mafanco, Guinea Bissau is also under construction.

Kinetic signed a 25-year PPA with the Ministry of Energy of Guinea Bissau. The same Sundam Energy team was responsible for land procurement, project development activities, transmission grid-tie construction in addition to undertaking the complete plant EPC.