Project Size: 2.5 MW

Project Technology: CSP

Project Location: Bikaner, India

Project Status: Commissioned in August 2010

Project Lead: Wayne Stevens

Project Description: Direct Super-Heated Steam Generating Solar Thermal Power Plant

The eSolar Bikaner project was built and commissioned in record time of 4 months. Mr. Wayne Stevens mobilized and led an international EPC team that undertook the construction and commissioning of the solar thermal power plant in in Rajasthan, India for the customer, ACME, India. This was the second demonstration and validation of Mr. Asif Ansari’s (Founder and CEO of eSolar) advanced solar thermal architecture built outside of the USA. jointly conducted by the eSolar in-house team and supported by ACME, India. The in-house engineering team led by Mr. Asif Ansari was responsible for plant commissioning and developing operating protocols.